Thyroid  is a gland which is placed below the neck.Anyone at any age can get thyroid .A person who deals with stress which the body cannot intake or which the body is not used too can get thyroid.So to cure thyroid we need to take few steps .If thyroid is at an early stage it will take less time to cure whereas if it’s been a while it will take few months to cure.I will be providing few simple tips according to Diet therapy,Graphalogy,and acupressure .

Diet :Diet simply means having the right eating habits. A person who has thyroid should avoid eating cabbage,cauliflower,broccoli which are uncooked such as in Chinese,pasta but can be eaten if they are fully cooked such as in soup,vegetable ,gluten which is found in ice creams so while eating ice cream just check if it has gluten or no.If it has than avoid eating that ice cream.Need to avoid these if a person has thyroid .Rest everything can be eaten.

Words to recite: “I move beyond old limitations and allow myself to express fully and creatively”.Now this is the Graphalogy aspect,If you all have read the book “Secret” it says thoughts create actions.If you keep on believing something over a period of time it is said that full universe makes an effort to make you reach there .All you need to do is recite these words as many times as you can during a day .Say them and also feel in that way like I am free of stress,I express myself and over a period of time you yourself will start noticing the changes.Just write these words on a piece of paper and stick them wherever it catches your eye.Believe that it’s happening and so you will see it happening.wp-image-644378390The above image you can see is an image of acupressure points of thyroid on right hand.Acu means needle and pressure means applying force. All our nerves are connected to each other.If you apply pressure to these given points in the picture 2-3 times a day for about 2 minutes but make sure your stomach is empty so give points either 1-2hours prior meals so that effect is maximum.It will do no harm to the body either it will improve your illness or it will be as it is.The pressure has to be there it can not be too little or too much. You can just press over the points as in the picture at 1st it will pain but these will only improve your situation .It is a “Do it yourself therapy “.

I have knowledge about Diet therapy,Graphalogy,Acupressure .If they are all applied together than the results will be maximum and you might not have to see a doctor because each of them works magically.

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Eating Patterns

Food is something that we need all the time everyday to sustain through our lives and therefore it is very important to have correct eating patterns to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Eating after every 2-3 hours is very important .If you keep long gaps between your meals it could make you fat and being fat has got nothing to do with eating but it is more related to what food you eat and at what time you eat.Your body needs food every 2-3 hours for performing various bodily  actions and when you don’t provide food to your body it creates some disfunction in the body .It could be in the form of making your fat,low stamina, increase in stress levels, anxiety,so eating every 2-3 hours is very important.

Break your meals in small portions.Dont eat food all together. Imagine you are given all the food to eat together and No food for next few what will your condition be like?.it doesnot work right .so the same way eating a heavy meal at a time does more harm than Good to your body. Eat small portions of meal after every 2-3 hours to keep you energised and also to have a balanced life.They way we need to keep our life balanced the same way it is important to keep our eating habits balanced .You can just drink early morning milk & nuts after 1hour have some breakfast after that at 11 have some fruit than at 1 eat salad and roti &vegetable . At 4 eat. Something that is light than at 7 dinner and at 9 dessert or milk. Like this break your meals in small portions.

Eat atleast 2 hours before bed time .It helps in digestion .If at all you eat late and have to directly sleep than consume lemon because lemon helps in digestion. The main reason behind eating 2 hours before you sleep is because some physical activity takes place in the body and that is very important to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.The reason why eating outside food doesn’t suit us is because no physical activity takes place than and also the food we eat is too heavy so that requires that kind of time for eat at least 2 hours before bed time.

Eat 2 portions less than you are hungry .Never overeat .Dont force your body to eat too much because it is tasty .If you force your body to do things that your body doesn’t like later your body will force you to do things which you won’t like .

To avoid future problems it is very important to inculcate right eating habits right from the beginning so to live life fully and also to enjoy little wonderfulmoments that life has to offer .Eat right but more importantly eat at the right time .


Passion is very important to lead a happy life and healthy lifestyle.We all have certain fixed years to live and it depends entirely on us how we make the most use of it.From the time we are born we are either doing something willingly or unwillingly.lets imagine an individual has 80 years of life.Till the time he is matured enough to work he is 18. From 18-65 he is working some for of activity is taking place. After 65 he is works but not with that enthusiasm which he was previously.

It is very important to do what you like the most.Passion is nothing but enjoying things that we love the most to do.Some people do it in their spare time ,Some people do it all the time that is they make their Passion their Profession and those are the smartest and healthiest people because they enjoy what they are doing and they a simply best in it.If we use a knife in a wrong way we can get hurt so the same way it is very important to find your Passion correctly .Books and environment play an important role in determining Passion.

Ever wondered even if you spend a small time doing what you love the most you are happy the entire day.So just give it a thought if you spend your entire time doing what you love how many changes will happen in your life .Your passion can be as simple and as unique as Collection of coins,meeting like minded people,cooking ,collection of your favourite articles,crafting,music,designing of various stuff,banking, just love for food and so on…Convert your Passion into Profession and you will be happiest.

It does not matter who you are you could be a housewife and still love to do all these things.Just start by giving 1 hour to your Passion and see how many changes will happen overtime.You will be proud of yourself that because I started I am here today.Stop giving excuses about time.If you have to go for a Party right from Kids to in laws you manage everything so the same way if you start your ways will open up automatically and you will enjoy it even more.Nobody became succesful in a day it was their constant efforts that bought them where they are today.

Great leaders such as Mahatama Gandhi,Albert Einstein,Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Amitabh Ji they all had one thing in common was their love for Passion and their “Never give up ” attitude that is why they were so successful  they did because they loved doing it and it was their Passion.So find your Passion as it is most important for a healthy and happy life.


Important health tips

Health is a major concern nowadays .It is important to inculcate healthy eating habits  right from a young age and have healthy lifestyle and to avoid problems arising in here are few important healthy tips if inculcated you could be free from a lot of  issues and also lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Eat one APPLE everyday,you won’t need a doctor.  When I was young in school I always learnt this proverb “an apple a day keeps a doctor away ” never understood the true meaning then but the proverb stands way true as apples help in reducing the risk of cancer,hypertension,diabetes,heart disease, reducing levels of stroke,lowering levels of bad cholesterol,breast cancer and many more.Apples are considered to be the most healthy and nutritious food to inculcate in your eating habits.So now you know the importance of Apple (don’t forget to inculcate in your diet)
  • Eat a tulsi leaf everyday ,you will never get cancer.  Tulsi leaf also known as holly basil leaves .Tulsi leaves not only works as a natural Cancer treatment but also prevents it.Research says people who consume tulsi  leaves regularly are less likely to be immune compromised ones .They help in altering healthy genes .Also know as anti stress agents and has a lot of benefits for health .
  • Consume a  juice of lemon everyday .You will never become fat.If every morning you drink a juice of lemon preferably with hot water or normal temperature water you will never become fat .lemon juice boosts metabolism,reduces bloating ,and cause weight loss,But lemon juice is most beneficial when it is replaced with a high calorie beverage such as tea,coffee,juice.Therefore lemon juice helps in reducing weight.
  • Drink  1 glass of milk everyday .Your bones will never be short of calcium. Drinking cow milk is proved to be most beneficial for bones as calcium is most needed for the wear and tear of bones as it helps to carry your daily activities and also helps you to be fit and fine

These are few of the healthy tips .If you inculcate in your daily routine you can definitely lead a healthy life .As it is rightly said Healthy life=Happy life.

Right times to drink water

Water is the most essential for survival. Each individual intakes a minimum of 1.5 -3 litres of water everyday.Water helps in maintaining the balance within the body by hydration, activates various organs,helps in digestion,brings glow on your skin and many more .Therefore it is essential for an individual to know Right times to drink water

  • 2 glass  of water after you wake up ( activates organs).After you wake up drinking water can be most beneficial as it activates all your internal as well as external organs .If you directly start eating something that is heavy such as oily or any other food it will cause heaviness in the body which could be one of the cause for overweight.
  • 1 glass after bath  (reduces blood pressure ) .well,let’s agree the fact that we all do through some or the other tension in our daily life and so at times our blood pressure levels rise.After bath an individual looses lots of calories .Ever observed why an individual feels thirsty or hungry after bath it’s because your blood pressure levels fluctuate so it is essential for an individual to drink 1 glass of water after taking bath
  • 1 glass half n hour before meals .This will prevent an individual from over eating  and would also help the food to digest properly .
  • 1 glass half n hour post meals  (helps in digestion). Never drink water during meals as everything gets mixed and sometimes you lose the important stuff while urinating ,sweating .So it is important a person drinks water  half n hour post meals as it will help in proper digestion of food
  • 1/2 glass before sleeping. (Saves from heart attack). Before sleeping it is important that an individual consumes some amount of water as it saves a person from heart attack .                  (These are  Right times when an individual should drink water .As it is beneficial for your body .listen to your body .Drink water when your body needs it  and not according to your own sweet times .)


Recently,I attended a workshop on “Art of Living” . Where they spoke about how to have an art of living and one of the quote was Firmness and coolness go together. little did I understand  That moment but later when I came home and gave it a thought it actually had a deep impact .  Well,we all want  to be loved and our behaviour and nature should be such that as we spend time with people the more time people would want to spend with us. Initially .I agreed only partly because then the  question arose was that Should one be Goody goody all the time? The answer was certainly No . Only when you know that you are Right ,you can be firm in your decision .A person who is unsure about his decision might not be firm .Have you noticed that when you are 100% sure and it’s difficult to convince others for your decision it tends to make you a little aggressive in your behaviour which leads to rudeness and disliking by others and that can be achieved if you are careful with your words and actions .Think before speaking or doing something but most importantly  stand up for what you feel is Right that is be FIRM in your decisions in what you feel but along with that if you are COOl minded person it can definitely go a long way and the means to achieve that is changing your behaviour patterns with respect to how you present yourself in front of others just choose your words  carefully. Along with it Meditation plays a very important role. It is very important for a person to be Cool minded if he wants to be loved and want to be a great human  .This workshop was beneficial and has impacted my life to a greater extent.I tried working on it and it has worked magically in my life.

Correct Breathing techniques

Breathing is most essential for a person to survive.The person is considered dead if his/her breathing has stopped   So what is Breathing? Why is it so important to have right breathing techniques? Yes,it may sound absurd when I say that breathing needs to be done Right .  Breathing is a process in which we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide . What is correct breathing ? When you inhale  air your stomach should come out because you are filling oxygen inside .  It is like a balloon when you fill air it comes out it blows because there is air inside  .The same way when you inhale oxygen gets stored inside lungs and when you exhale carbon dioxide is released so your stomach gets to its original position.This is right way of breathing .(check your breathing patterns  by simply placing hand on your stomach) .Inhaling stomach comes out .Exhaling stomach goes in .If not correct your breathing patterns as they could be one of the reasons fo most of the problems such as underweight,overweight,nausea, travelling sickness,problems related to heart,lungs .Breathing through nose is very important . You may have seen some people breathing through mouth ,their mouth is open while sleeping or when the person is idle  that could be because a person might have a problem breathing through nose . Correct your breathing patterns now as  it is most important to have a healthy life.

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