Correct Breathing techniques

Breathing is most essential for a person to survive.The person is considered dead if his/her breathing has stopped   So what is Breathing? Why is it so important to have right breathing techniques? Yes,it may sound absurd when I say that breathing needs to be done Right .  Breathing is a process in which we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide . What is correct breathing ? When you inhale  air your stomach should come out because you are filling oxygen inside .  It is like a balloon when you fill air it comes out it blows because there is air inside  .The same way when you inhale oxygen gets stored inside lungs and when you exhale carbon dioxide is released so your stomach gets to its original position.This is right way of breathing .(check your breathing patterns  by simply placing hand on your stomach) .Inhaling stomach comes out .Exhaling stomach goes in .If not correct your breathing patterns as they could be one of the reasons fo most of the problems such as underweight,overweight,nausea, travelling sickness,problems related to heart,lungs .Breathing through nose is very important . You may have seen some people breathing through mouth ,their mouth is open while sleeping or when the person is idle  that could be because a person might have a problem breathing through nose . Correct your breathing patterns now as  it is most important to have a healthy life.

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