Recently,I attended a workshop on “Art of Living” . Where they spoke about how to have an art of living and one of the quote was Firmness and coolness go together. little did I understand  That moment but later when I came home and gave it a thought it actually had a deep impact .  Well,we all want  to be loved and our behaviour and nature should be such that as we spend time with people the more time people would want to spend with us. Initially .I agreed only partly because then the  question arose was that Should one be Goody goody all the time? The answer was certainly No . Only when you know that you are Right ,you can be firm in your decision .A person who is unsure about his decision might not be firm .Have you noticed that when you are 100% sure and it’s difficult to convince others for your decision it tends to make you a little aggressive in your behaviour which leads to rudeness and disliking by others and that can be achieved if you are careful with your words and actions .Think before speaking or doing something but most importantly  stand up for what you feel is Right that is be FIRM in your decisions in what you feel but along with that if you are COOl minded person it can definitely go a long way and the means to achieve that is changing your behaviour patterns with respect to how you present yourself in front of others just choose your words  carefully. Along with it Meditation plays a very important role. It is very important for a person to be Cool minded if he wants to be loved and want to be a great human  .This workshop was beneficial and has impacted my life to a greater extent.I tried working on it and it has worked magically in my life.