Right times to drink water

Water is the most essential for survival. Each individual intakes a minimum of 1.5 -3 litres of water everyday.Water helps in maintaining the balance within the body by hydration, activates various organs,helps in digestion,brings glow on your skin and many more .Therefore it is essential for an individual to know Right times to drink water

  • 2 glass  of water after you wake up ( activates organs).After you wake up drinking water can be most beneficial as it activates all your internal as well as external organs .If you directly start eating something that is heavy such as oily or any other food it will cause heaviness in the body which could be one of the cause for overweight.
  • 1 glass after bath  (reduces blood pressure ) .well,let’s agree the fact that we all do through some or the other tension in our daily life and so at times our blood pressure levels rise.After bath an individual looses lots of calories .Ever observed why an individual feels thirsty or hungry after bath it’s because your blood pressure levels fluctuate so it is essential for an individual to drink 1 glass of water after taking bath
  • 1 glass half n hour before meals .This will prevent an individual from over eating  and would also help the food to digest properly .
  • 1 glass half n hour post meals  (helps in digestion). Never drink water during meals as everything gets mixed and sometimes you lose the important stuff while urinating ,sweating .So it is important a person drinks water  half n hour post meals as it will help in proper digestion of food
  • 1/2 glass before sleeping. (Saves from heart attack). Before sleeping it is important that an individual consumes some amount of water as it saves a person from heart attack .                  (These are  Right times when an individual should drink water .As it is beneficial for your body .listen to your body .Drink water when your body needs it  and not according to your own sweet times .)